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InflaRx - controlling inflammation


InflaRx develops new first-in-class therapeutics

in the field of acute and chronic inflammation and consists of a team of internationally recognized researchers and clinicians who have dedicated their careers to translate discoveries and expertise into new therapeutic concepts for clinical application.

InflaRx's primary focus is on the development of monoclonal antibodies targeting activation products of the complement system for application in life threatening inflammatory diseases.

InflaRx Business

InflaRx initiates exploratory phase II trail with IFX-1

C5a is a key player in many acute and also chronic inflammatory processes making C5a a highly attractive pharmacological target. However, a special Technology is required to effectively control this target. 

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InflaRx develops highly specific monoclonal antibodies targeting activation products of the complement system. InflaRx has made new break through discoveries in the area of anti-C5a antibody generation, resulting in a new class of antibodies with exceptional blocking activities while being highly selective.

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Clinical Programs

IFX-1, the company's first-in-class anti-human C5a monoclonal antibody is currently being developed in 2 disclosed and other undisclosed chronic inflammatory diseases within the orphan drug and autoimmmune disease space. InflaRx thereby focuses on diseases with high unmet medical need. 

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about IFX-1

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InflaRx´ lead drug candidate IFX-1 is a first-in-class monoclonal antibody targeting the complement activation product C5a and is currently in clinical phase II development. read more ...


IFX-2 is a follow on project to IFX-1, in preclinical development. IFX-2 is a highly potent anti-complement C5a antibody with a higher humanization grade and altered pharmacokinetic properties. read more ...

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