a first-in-class anti-complement monoclonal antibody

InflaRx´ lead drug candidate IFX-1 targets the complement activation product C5a as first-in-class therapeutic and is currently in clinical phase II development.

IFX-1 is based upon an InflaRx proprietary breakthrough discovery and its underlying IP is covered under a world-wide patent application. Through this technology InflaRx was able to generate anti-C5a monoclonal antibodies which offer a maximum of biologica neutralizing activity towards their target C5a while at the same time being highly specific and leaving the formation of the terminal membrane attack complex (MAC = C5b-9) intact. Therefore, IFX-1 offers a new mode of action and is capable of a targeted elimination of C5a-induced effects in human.

IFX-1 holds large potential in various acute inflammatory disease indications and has block-buster potential in large markets as well as potential to serve orphan drug indications. Its anti-inflammatory properties are exceptional and thus thought to be suitable for treating and preventing inflammation induced organ dysfunction. Preclinical proof of concept of this anti-complement strategy has been demonstrated for various different disease settings.

In its first phase IIa clinical trial, IFX-1 highly statistically significantly reduced and effectively blocked C5a in a dose-dependent manner. In addition, the data generated in a patient population with septic organ dysfunction showed positive trends in various other clinically relevant efficacy endpoints. IFX-1 is the first monoclonal anti-C5a antibody introduced into clinical development, which has now successfully completed a clinical phase II study in patients.