News and Press Releases

06-2017: InflaRx Promotes Othmar Zenker, M.D. to Newly Created Position of Chief Medical Officer

June 21st 2017 - InflaRx today announced that Othmar Zenker, M.D., has been promoted to the newly created position of Chief Medical Officer.


01-2017: InflaRx announces start of exploratory phase II trial in Hidradenitis

January 4th 2017 - InflaRx initiates exploratory phase II trial with IFX-1, a first-in-class anti-complement C5a antibody, in patients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa


07-2016: InflaRx raises EUR 31 million in a Series C

July 21st 2016 - InflaRx announced today the successful closing of its EUR 31M (USD 34M) Series C financing round to foster its complement inhibitor development programs.


06-2016: InflaRx announces start of CARDIAC trial

June 7th 2016 - InflaRx announced today that the first patient has been dosed preventively in a phase II clinical trial of IFX-1, a first-in-class monoclonal anti-complement C5a antibody, in patients undergoing complex cardiac surgery.


01-2016: InflaRx announces positive phase IIa data from SCIENS trial

January 28th 2016: InflaRx announced today positive results from its SCIENS phase IIa clinical trial of IFX-1. The trial reached all primary endpoints by demonstrating safety, tolerability and biological proof of concept of IFX-1 in patients suffering from early septic organ dysfunction. IFX-1 highly statistically significantly reduced and effectively blocked C5a in a dose-dependent manner. In addition, the data showed positive trends in various other clinically relevant efficacy endpoints.


06-2015: InflaRx appoints Arnd Christ as CFO

InflaRx appoints Arnd Christ as CFO starting June 2015. Arnd has a successful track record as CFO in various public and private biotech companies (Medigene AG, Novimmune SA, Probiodrug AG etc.) and will join the executive management board of the company.

04-2015: InflaRx receives large scale government grant from BMBF

InflaRx was granted a large scale government grant from the German BMBF to develop its second highly humanized monoclonal antibody IFX-2 for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

07-2014: InflaRx receives 2014 IQ Innovation Award

Leipzig July 2nd 2014: InflaRx receives the 2014 IQ Innovation Award and is anounced overall winner as well as winner of the catogy life sciences for its IFX-1 technology.

05-2014: InflaRx receives Founders Award 2014

May 2014: InflaRx receives the Founders award 2014 from the KfW banking goup and the SuperIllu Journal handed over from the German Federal Minister of Education and Sciense.

04-2014: InflaRx starts first phase II trial with IFX-1

April 2014: InflaRx starts its first Phase IIa clinical trial with its lead drug candidate IFX-1 to treat and prevent early infectious organ dysfunction.

04-2013: InflaRx appoints Othmar Zenker as Head of Clinical R&D

April 2013 InflaRx appoints Othmar Zenker, M.D., as new Global Head of Clinical R&D. Dr. Zenker previously assumed global responsibility at CSL Behring as Head of Immunology.

11-2012: InflaRx closes its Series B financing Round

InflaRx successfully closes its Series B financing round to fund clinical phase II development as well as to foster R&D efforts of new assets.

01-2012: InflaRx announces successfull conduct of Clinical Phase I trial

InflaRx announces successful conduct of its clinical phase I trial with IFX-1 and reports meeting of its endpoints by demonstrating safety and tolerability of its lead drug candidate.

04-2011: InflaRx initiates clinical Phase I study

InflaRx initiates the clinical phase I trial of its lead drug antibody IFX-1.

03-2011 InflaRx receives authorization for clinical phase I trial

InflaRx announces receipt of the clinical trial authorization of its phase I clinical trial program for IFX-1, investigating safety and tolerability in a double blinded placebo controlled dose escalation study.

05-2009: InflaRx receives large scale BMBF grant

InflaRx receives a large scale R&D fund from the German Federal Minestry of Education and Research (BMBF) in order to develop its lead drug candidate program IFX-1

12-2008: InflaRx closes 3rd Tranche of Financing series A

InflaRx announces its successful closing of the 3rd financing tranche of its round A funding with the Affentranger Assoc. Group, Private Equity Thüringen GmbH and KFW Mittelstandsbank