company history

The founders Niels C. Riedemann and Renfeng Guo share a joint several years lasting research history focusing on the role of C5a and C5aR in life threatening infectious and non-infectious inflammatory diseases. Their work largely contributed to the understanding of the role of C5a and the molecular mechanisms involved in disease progression. It was the meaning of the target C5a in its key involvement in most inflammatory innate immune responses that led to their decision to found a company and to be the first to bring a targeted anti-C5a approach into clinical application.

InflaRx GmbH was then founded in December 2007 in Jena, Germany an internationally recognized acute care clinical trial hub. InflaRx developed close collaborative ties with the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Therapy at the Jena University Medical Center, where Niels held the position as Vice Director of Intensive Care Therapy for several years. InflaRx thereby built an in depth in-house expertise in the acute care and inflammatory disease field.

Simultaneously, CSO Renfeng expanded its collaborations with the Beijing Institute of Sciences and other renowned Chinese immunologists, allowing InflaRx to conduct top-tier immunological research abroad. These collaborations lead for example to the ground-breaking work on the role of C5a in different types of lung-injury in non-human primates and other discoveries.

In 2008, InflaRx made a break-through discovery allowing to generate monoclonal anti-C5a antibodies which were highly selective (not blocking the terminal membrane attack complex) while at the same time being extremely potent regarding their immunological blocking activity. The InflaRx´ discoveries were filed as patent applications globally and have been issued as patents in various countries.

In 2011, InflaRx became the first company to start a clinical phase I trial with an anti-C5a antibody, demonstrating that IFX-1 was safe and well tolerated.

In 2014, InflaRx was able to successfully generate IFX-2, a follow on molecule of IFX-1, which is planned to cover development in more chronic inflammatory diseases and IFX-3, a first bi-specific molecule with a broad range of application possibilities in inflammation related diseases.

In 2015, InflaRx was the first company to ever complete a phase IIa trial with an anti-C5a inhibitory approach. This first of its kind clinical acute care trial was conducted in patients suffering from live-threatening infections and early organ dysfunction. This trial validated the InflaRx IFX-1 technology, demonstrating that C5a can be effectively controlled and blocked by IFX-1 in this setting.

InflaRx today comprises a growing team of highly skilled researchers, clinicians and business experts that are driven and united by the vision to deliver game changing drugs fighting inflammatory diseases of highest unmet medical need. Our team strives to transform the anti-inflammatory drug space in different disease settings.

“We believe that our now more than 15 year long research and focus on C5a as target and our approaches to specifically block and control it have allowed us to take a global lead position in this area and that this will allow InflaRx to bring benefit to many patients globally in various disease setting” states Niels Riedemann, founder and CEO of InflaRx.